Case Studies

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Case Studies

  • Social media followers grew from 0 to more than 340,000, eclipsing local and regional competitors and competing against television-driven national organizations (St. Jude's; St. Baldrick’s)

  • CURE’s Kids Conquer Cancer One Day at a Time, a program raised more than $1 million, strictly through online and social media.

  • CURE’s annual funding grew from $800,000 to $5 million.

  • Online giving exponentially increased through social engagement.

  • Produced and directed EMMY winning TV PSA.

Case Studies

  • From November 2021 to May 2023 grew social media following from a little under 5,000 to just shy of 80,000 followers.

  • In 2023 alone:
    • Total following: 79,637 (+37,973 during the period)
    • Total engagement during the period: 3,239,600
    • Total reach during the period: 6,028,100

  • Utilized books author, Harry Cohen in social media creative, by doing so brought life and social media growth & engagement to the brand.

Case Studies

  • Social media following grew from 30,000 followers to over 375,000.

  • Social media reached nearly 24 million people in 2022 (up 162% vs. 2021)

  • Total Engagement in 2022 just under 7 million ( +127% YoY) with an 18% engagement rate.

  • Generated direct annual revenue from social media of $600k.

  • Manage 9 pages, including 4 restaurant pages for social media.

  • From #5 to #1 in competitive set.

  • Managed all online reputation management.

Case Studies

  • Overarching Objective:
    • Sell more Johnsonville sausage by convincing southern grillers/tailgaters/Tongsmen to make room for Johnsonville sausage on their grill

  • Primary PR Objectives:
    • Promote, generate media coverage to encourage entries in the Johnsonville Titanium Tongsman Award Contest (Sept. 13 – Oct. 31) with emphasis on the Southeast.
    • Secure media coverage for Johnsonville leading up to and including Dec. 4 game day grill off at the SEC Championship in Atlanta

  • Results:
    • Total Engagements: 193,445. Total Impressions: 5,642,058
    • Total Video Views: 2,512,450. Total Reach: 3,928,397
    • Total CPM: $14.62

Case Studies

Grew their social media from 300k to more than 2 million. Effectively competing with top tier brands such as L'Oréal in a category that is #1 spender in television.
Monthly engagement on social media: 9x increase.
Online sales: 6x increase.
Gained marketing business for sister company, Jordana Cosmetics.
Launched new websites for both brands.


Case Studies

  • Strategy was to engage the B2B food service industry in all that electric cooking has to offer over gas.

  • Partnered with Chef David Rose of the Food Network for the video series.

  • Built targeted foodservice social following to more than 8,800 in 2+ years.

  • 47% growth year over year.

  • 300,000 engagements in 12 months.

  • Chef Series pilot program awarded silver medal by Utilities Communicators International.

Electric Transportation

Case Studies

  • Built niche social following from 0 to more than 60,000 in 4 years.

  • Averaged more than 400,000 engagements each year.

  • Largest dedicated social following among U.S. utilities.

  • Georgia moved to a top 10 state in EV auto registrations.

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